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Looking Back, Moving Forward

Embracing Heritage, Empowering the Future

As we reflect on the strides we've taken and look ahead to the path we're forging, St. Michael Indian School remains steadfast in its commitment to excellence. Our institution is a testament to quality education interwoven with Catholic values and a profound respect for Native heritage. Beyond knowledge, we nurture leadership, fostering global citizens who thrive in a diverse world.

Nestled within the Navajo Reservation, St. Michael School has achieved a remarkable feat—year after year, over 93% of its graduates matriculate to higher education. This accomplishment is a testament to the dedication of our educators and students and the nurturing environment that defines our school.

With a comprehensive educational offering spanning preschool through high school, SMIS is a cornerstone of growth and learning for almost 315 students. It's a place where potential is nurtured, dreams are championed, and futures are shaped.

Founded by Saint Katharine Drexel

Our long and storied history of providing Catholic education on the Navajo Reservation began with the mission of Saint Katharine Drexel- who was born into a Philadelphia family of power, privilege, and wealth- to found the Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament and serve the Native American people. With the help of the Franciscan missionaries and local Navajo leaders, St. Michael Indian School opened its doors on December 3, 1902.


  • The funds directed to "Where Needed Most" primarily contribute to vital operational expenses of the school. This includes crucial support for teacher salaries and classroom supplies, maintenance and repairs of school buildings, technology upkeep, fostering STREAM education, sustaining preschool programs, promoting Navajo Language and Culture initiatives, and supporting various essential school functions. Your contribution to this fund plays a pivotal role in maintaining the overall functionality and excellence of our educational institution.

St. Michael Indian School provides students from local Native American communities with a quality education that is rooted in Catholic values, is sensitive to Native heritage, teaches leadership skills, and enables students to contribute in a culturally diverse world.